Welcome to Smart Electronics. Smart Electronics is a UK based EMS Company, we provide innovation and excellence to our clients. We specialize in designing,  manufacturing and assembling Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) of the highest quality. Our range of services also covers the delivery of electronic and software design from concept to prototype and production.

Why Smart? We are different!

Free prototype design, test and supply, free standard passive components, free design and review checks, large stock means shortened lead times, accountability, honesty and Smart!

Our mission

It is our mission to be the outsourcing partner of choice for companies that provide life changing technologies;for Smart professional excellence to be at the very heart of solutions that power cities, connect people across the globe,entertain excite and educate, launch and guide us to new worlds and civilizations, diagnose disease and save lives. It’s our mission to power the future, today.

Launching, educating, connecting, powering and empowering a Smarter world.


Whether you’ve got an idea for a new innovation or are planning an upgrade / overhaul of your current product? We design, check and supply a free prototype.


We always seek ways to disrupt the industry and provide greater value to our customers; we now provide free *standard passive components.


If you require different coloured printed circuit boards for different products, projects or project stages? We can supply PCB’s in a range of colours.


All orders are subject to free design reviews and checks during our exacting manufacturing process to eliminate errors, save costs and time.


We keep a huge stock of the most widely used components which enables us to provide a faster service to our clients especially with prototype supply.


Our engineers have a minimum of 10 years experience and many are inventors and authors and have made important contributions to the electronics industry.